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MET/TEAM Quick Installation Guide

Follow these steps to install your new MET/TEAM software. This will assist you to install the MET/TEAM software on one PC with the preferred default settings. For other installation options, please review the MET/TEAM Installation Guide included in the Installation files. At the end of this document, you will find directions on installing MET/CAL.

Things to consider before starting to install:

  1. Navigate to this link to confirm system requirements. here
  2. This guide assumes a METTEAM and SQL Server Express installation on the same machine. See Setup Example With Separate METTEAM and SQL Servers if you have a SQL server on a separate machine from your METTEAM installation
  3. I’m on Windows 7, how do I use an ISO? Click here.
  4. I have Windows 10, what about me?
    1. You will need to install SQL Server 2012 Express, BEFORE you start your MET/TEAM installation.
    2. MET/TEAM 2.2 currently includes both a version of SQL Server 2012 Express (SP2) and SQL Express 2008R2.

Install the MET/TEAM Software:

  1. Locate your copy of the MET/TEAM software.
  2. After downloading the MET/TEAM iso file, locate the iso file, open the file locations and double click on “AutoRun.exe”
  3. Depending on your local PC’s settings, you might see a Windows pop-up asking you to “Allow this app to make changes on your PC? Click “Yes
  4. The MET/TEAM Install launch page will now pop-up

  5. To review the full MET/TEAM Installation Guide and Read Me, Click Here:

  6. To begin basic, default Install on one PC, Click Here:

  7. Depending on your local PC’s settings, you might see an InstallShield Wizard pop-up describing prerequisites needed for MET/TEAM, Click “Install”.
  8. If a SQL Server instance is not already on your machine, you will be prompted to install the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express software that is included in the ISO, which will be installed along with the other prerequisites. Click “Install”.
  9. Several command line boxes and InstallShield dialog windows may pop-up and go away. This is normal.
  10. On the License Agreement InstallShield screen, Click “I Accept” then “Next”.
  11. On the Configuration Options screen, choose “Server Installation”, Click “Next”.

  12. On the Setup Type screen, click “Typical Install Using Default Settings”, click “Next”.

  13. The Database Server Selection screen will now open up.

    1. Click on the “Select the SQL…” dropdown and select the local instance.

    2. Select “Windows authentication…”
    3. Leave “metteam” as your database name.

    4. Click “Next”
  14. On the Ready to Install the Program screen, Click Install.

  15. The MET/TEAM install will now start. When Install is complete, click “Finish”.
    NOTE: This can take 30 minutes or more.
  16. The install will finish, which will redirect you back to the main MET/TEAM Install launch page.


  1. On Install launch page, after main install completes, Click on "Updates and Patches". This will open a file browser.
  2. Navigate to the “MET/TEAM” folder. Double-click “Instructions.txt” to review update steps. Double-click the “METTEAM_2.1.2_Update_1.exe.
  3. A MET/TEAM Install “out-of-sync” warning screen will pop up. Click “OK” this is expected.

Your MET/TEAM Install is now Complete

Click here for instructions to perform a basic MET/CAL install.

Check our MET/TEAM Quick Start guide to see how to login and get familiar with the software.

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