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MET/CAL 9.0 Quick Installation Guide

Update - 13 August 2020:  This article was written for installing MET/CAL 9.0 but the process is nearly identical newer versions of MET/CAL.  There are a few differences that will be noted in the steps below.

Thank you for your interest in MET/CAL! This guide will help you get through a default install of version 9 of both the MET/CAL Editor and MET/CAL Runtime programs. This software must be installed on any computers that will run and edit MET/CAL procedures. Prior to using MET/CAL, you will need to install MET/TEAM, which is the asset and data management software for MET/CAL. Click here for a guide on how to quickly install MET/TEAM.

Things to consider before starting to install:

  1. Navigate to this link to confirm system requirements.
  2. I’m on Windows 7, how do I use an ISO? Click here.
  3. MET/CAL installation may require a few restarts to install prerequisite software, so this install must be attended.

Installing MET/CAL Runtime and Editor:

  1. Go to the MET/CAL installer directory on the MET/TEAM share
    (by default under \\<server_name>\metteam\Installers\METCAL).
  2. Run setup.exe.

3. Click 'Yes" on any "Allow this app to make changes..." pop-ups.

4. If you do not have the Visual Studio 2012 Isolated Shell installed on your PC, the MET/CAL installer will install it for you. You will only need Visual Studio if you are using MET/CAL Editor. It may take up to 45 minutes, and two computer restarts. To continue with the install with Visual Studio, click "Yes" otherwise click "No"

5. If you selected to install Visual Studio, a Visual Studio install screen will pop up.

6. Choose English as the preferred language. The current version only supports English.

7. The Fluke MET/CAL Installer Wizard will now open up.

8. On the License Agreement InstallShield screen, Click “I Accept” then “Next” three times.

9. Enter the name you would like to be listed as the procedure author in the box, then click "Next"

10. On the Shared Files screen you have a choice:

       10a.  If you are installing MET/CAL on the same computer where the MET/TEAM web site is installed, you leave the path to the local drive and click "Next"

       10b.  If MET/TEAM is on a different computer, you need to select the "METCAL" network share that was created on the MET/TEAM computer.  Typically \\{MET/TEAM server name here}\METCAL\.

11. On the "Ready to Install the Program" screen, click "Install".

12. Several command line boxes and InstallShield dialogs may pop-up and go away. This is normal. Click "Finish" on any Install screens that come up.

Updating MET/CAL

UPDATE:  Not all version of MET/CAL require patching, you need to navigate to the MET/CAL 'Patches" folder on the MET/TEAM server and check if there are any patches for the version of MET/CAL you are installing.  This is the typical share for the "Patches" folder:  \\{MET/TEAM server name here}\metteam\Installers\METCAL\Patches

1. Download and extract the MET/CAL 9.0.0 Update 1 files, located on the MET/TEAM installation disc. (..\Updates\METCAL), to the server at \\<server_name>\metteam\Installers\METCAL\Patches. This step can be skipped if the patches have already been copied to this folder.
2. Browse to \\<server_name>\METTEAM\Installers\METCAL\Patches.
3. Run the METCAL_9.0.0_Update_1.exe file to apply the update to MET/CAL.*
4. If MET/CAL Editor is installed, run the METCAL_Editor_9.0.0_Update_1.exe file to apply the update to MET/CAL Editor.*
5. Verify the version on the About dialog for MET/CAL and MET/CAL Editor is v9.0.0.787 or the version you installed.

* These updates install without prompts and close without notification, typically less than a minute each. 


Your MET/CAL install is now complete!

Have any questions or issues?
Web support:
To submit a question, click “Submit a Request” on that support page.


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    Roberto Bracamontes

    I updated met/team to version 2.1.2 update 1 and this article was useful to update my met/cal software to version 9.

    Thank you

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