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Adding your Logo and Company name to a MET/TEAM Calibration Report

First you will open the report up from the full version of Crystal Reports supplied with your MET/TEAM purchase.  If you need assistance locating your reports, this article will help:
Location of reports in MET/TEAM and Customer Portal  

Next,  using the "insert" menu select insert>picture:


Browse in your computer to find the picture you want.  I selected a Fluke Logo:

Just drag it to where ever you want the logo to be.  You may have to play with sizing a bit.
Tip:  To keep the proportions of the picture correct, follow these steps:
-- Right click on the picture and select "Format Graphic..."
-- Click on the "Picture" tab
-- Change the "Scaling" Width and Height percentages to the same value to maintain proportions
-- Click OK and see if the size is correct, re-positioning as needed
-- Repeat the steps above until the picture size and location is acceptable


When finished, save the report back into the System directory.  If it won't let you save it - save it to a temp directory or to your desktop and just drag and drop it into the system directory - that will usually work. If not, get your IT group to assist.


Depending on your report, the company name may be coming from the System Defaults in MET/TEAM:
NOTE:  For certificate reports, we have found the Cal Cert w TSR.rpt is the best one to use.  This report does NOT use the "Company Name" system default but gets the name from the 'Lab' facility the user is logged into.


When logged in as a user belonging to "Administrator" group, click on Configure-->System Defaults and locate the "Company Name system" default which will get me here:



Enter your company name in the "Value" field andclick "save"



So now you should see your company name and your logo on your report when you run it from a work order in MET/TEAM.






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