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Adding your Logo and Company name to a MET/TEAM Calibration Report

First you will open the report up from the full version of Crystal Reports supplied with your MET/TEAM purchase.  Next,  using the "insert" menu select insert>picture:



Browse in your computer to find the picture you want.  I selected a Fluke Logo:


Just drag it to where ever you want the logo to be.  You may have to play with sizing a bit.



Then save the report back into the System directory.  If it won't let you save it - save it to a temp directory or to your desktop and just drag and drop it into the system directory - that will usually work.  Or get your IT group to assist.


Now your company name should be coming from the System Defaults in Met/Team:


So I'll just double-click on the Company Name system default which will get me here:



put it in and click "save"



So now you should see your company name and your logo on your report when you run it from a work order in Met/Team.






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