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Update firmware on Ruska pressure controller/monitor: 7250,7252,7350,7615,7750

Instructions to update the main (CPU) firmware on a Ruska pressure controller; models 7250, 7252, 7350, 7615 and 7750. It also works with pressure monitor models 7050 and 7052, any i or xi variants also.

Download the Update7.exe PC software from the link below to the computer that is connected to the controller or monitor by a RS232 null modem cable. Note that the cable must connect to a RS232 port on the PC that is COM1, COM2, or COM3.

Download the main firmware files for the model of controller rom the website, or from files provided by Pressure Technical Support. Download to that same computer.

Run Update7.exe and it will prompt you to choose the COM port on the computer. Choose the correct COM port and press the [OK] button. Verify that the RS232 settings on the controller/monitor are also 9600 baud, 8 data, No Parity and 1 Stop.

Choose one of the files downloaded. If you choose the wrong one Update7 will use the correct one as long as both are in the same folder/directory. This example shows files for a 7252 (or 7252i controller); both for old CPUs (486, 586, etc.) and for current ARM9 CPUs (files ends with _A). Double-click the file or select it and press the [OK] button.


Update7 will show "Initializing" and the progress. Progress will also be shown on the display of the controller/monitor.

If you have problems, questions or need firmware files please contact Pressure Calibration Technical Support at the below link or by calling +1 877 355 3225

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