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P5514-70M manual (with changes noted since last published) & seal kit information

P5514 Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump current models are P5514-70M and P5514-70M-EP.

The latest version of the manual was published in 2010 when the model names were P5514 (nitrile seals and o-rings), P5514-V (Viton seals and o-rings) and P5514-EP (EP seals and o-rings).

The current model P5514-70M comes with Viton seals and o-rings and the P5514-70M-EP model comes with EP seals and o-rings. Models with nitrile (also called buna-n) seals are no longer available but the individual nitrile seals noted in the manual are still available (not as part of a kit).

A marked up copy of the manual is below (click on the link below to view or download) for the current part numbers of o-rings and other parts that may have changed.

 P5514 Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

It is often preferable to order an o-ring kit rather than individual o-rings. Here are the available o-ring kits:

3891113 P5514SK,SEAL KIT,P5514 (Rev 004)
The kit includes these parts. The seals are Viton.
Fluke PN    Item Num    Qty    Description
3891124      1       P5514SK-V,VITON SEAL KIT, P5514-V
3875668      1       5514SK-DS,SEAL KIT DATASHEET, 5514 TEST PUMP,STD SEALS

And the kit PN 3891124 includes these parts. Don't order kit 3891124, order kit 3891113 that includes the datasheet. The price is the same.
Table-Item Fluke PN   Qty    Description
3-1          3865163      2      54-703-008,O-RING, BLACK, VITON 3/16 X 1/16 X SEC
5-4          3865195      4      54-703-10,O-RING VITON 1/4 X 1/16 X SEC
5-5          3865277      1      54-703-12,O-RING VITON 3/8 X 1/16 XSEC
5-2          3919393      4      P103614,O RING, VITON - 70 DUROMETER, 1/2 ID X 1/16 XS (SIZE 014)
5-17        3865359       1     54-703-16,O-RING VITON 5/8 X 1/16 XSEC, SIZE 16, 70 DURO

3891136 P5514SK-EP,ETHYLENE PROPYLENE SEAL KIT, P5514-EP (Rev 003)
Item Num   Qty    Description
3961939      1      5514SK-EP-DS,SEAL KIT DATASHEET 5514 TEST PUMP, EPDM
3867888      2      P109701,O RING BS008 EP 70 DURO 3/16INID X 1/16
3867895      4      P109703,O RING [BS010] 6.07X1.78 EP
3921986      1      P109705,O RING [BS012-75-EP]
3921999      4      P109706,O RING [BS014-EP]
3865576      1      54-705-16,O-RING ETHYL PROP 5/8 ID X 1/16 XS (SIZE 016)
3920516      1      P104708,ANTI-EXTRUSION RING PTFE [BU 111] SPIRAL B/U
3922043      1      P109716,SEAL BONDED PP45-B-SC-EP
3865541      1      54-705-111,O-RING ETHYL PROP 7/16 ID X 3/32 XS SEE SPEC

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