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6270A Source for Barometric Pressure

This tutorial shows how to create a non-AutoDetect support device to directly read the output of an absolute style pressure module.  It works for PM200 and PM200 modules.


COMPASS for Pressure can use a wide variety of devices or inputs as a source for barometric pressure.  This can vary from using a dedicated barometric measuring instrument such as an RPM4 BA100K, or a lower accuracy measurement from an on board barometer, or even a user defined value.  COMPASS has the flexibility to work with the equipment unique to each operator.  

When a 6270A is used with COMPASS for Pressure, it can provide a source for ambient pressure to be used by COMPASS.  From the 6270A the source selections are limited to either an A100K or BA100K pressure module, or a user-defined value.  If an operator has a higher range absolute style PMM, the 6270A doesn't allow it to be used as barometric source for COMPASS.  There are situations where a customer may have a higher range absolute style pressure module which could still provide a good metrological source for barometric pressure.  To make use of this, a non-AutoDetect support device must be defined in COMPASS which can directly query the PMM.


The PMM can be in any slot in the chassis.  The chassis slot number is identified on the Calibration Tab of the support device.



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