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1560 displaying error8 129 system reset upon power-up


Applies To:  Fluke 1560 Black Stack

Problem Description:   During power-up self-tests the 1560 displays an error message that is not described in the User’s Guide Troubleshooting section.

Resolution/Work Around:   

The error is likely an indication that data in non-volatile memory is corrupted. That could be caused by a power dip while data was being written to memory, or it could be the memory device failed. The memory chip might need to be replaced. Before doing that, we could try this procedure to clear and restore the data in memory:                

  1. Disconnect power.
  2. Detach add-on modules, leaving only the base and power sections.
  3. Connect power and switch the power on. Wait until the power up process completes.
  4. Switch the power off and disconnect power.
  5. Reattach the add-on modules.
  6. Connect power and switch the power on.


This should clear memory and restore all data to the default state. If the error still occurs, we should replace the NVRAM chip.

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