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PPC4 On-board barometer

If you suspect the on-board barometer is faulty, do the following:

Error code: Baro Sensor err: $01

PPC4 internal barometer PN

  3126355     401898-06,ASSY,BAROMETER,100K NOVA (DWG U03634)


At the bottom of the screen, please note the internal barometer reading, is it changing if you put your finger on the ATM port in back, or is it stuck at a number?  If stuck on a number or not reading, the problem is likely the barometer.

1.  Using the manual, remove the cover.

2.  Using the figure below, remove and replace barometer assembly.  This is a plug-n-play function.

PPC4_Barometer_PN_3126355.pngure below, remove the existing barometer module

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