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Procedure Website updates


MET/SUPPORT Gold members have access to thousands of Fluke warranted procedures to unlock the power of MET/CAL automation. The procedures are available for download using our MET/SUPPORT Procedures website. All users can view available procedures, but you must be signed in with an active MET/SUPPORT Gold account to download procedure files. View this article for instructions to register your Gold account.

Please ensure that you have the latest version of our procedure from the website. The Gold procedure team constantly reviews and updates procedures to accommodate changing DUT specifications, new firmware releases, increased efficiency, and format to incorporate best practices.

This article contains information about recent procedure releases and website updates.

March 10, 2017 - Website Update

The Gold procedure website was revised on March 10, 2017 to accommodate a new publishing process that we use to populate the website with new and updated procedure files. To facilitate this update and also remove duplicate entries caused by the original publishing process, all contents of the website had to be removed and published as new. The total available procedure count was reduced after removing duplicates. Our improved publishing process will allow the Gold procedure team to release procedure updates much more frequently than in past years.

The website's New and Updated functionality will report all procedures as "New" as of this update. A list of new and updated procedures released since December 31, 2015 may be viewed in the Excel spreadsheet attached to the bottom of this article '20170313_new-updated_procedures.xlsx'.

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