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6270A firmware update instructions, by 9-pin RS232 cable

Updating the firmware (embedded software) of a 6270A pressure controller is very easy and only requires a null modem RS-232 serial cable (pins 2 and 3 are crossed), a computer with a RS-232 serial port, and the firmware files.

Note that if you operate more than one 6270A controller in stacked mode, they must be updated independently and directly (not while in stacked mode).

If you prefer to update by USB cable then see this article,
6270A firmware update instructions, by USB cable

Another note - This procedure also works if you have the 6270A connected to the computer by a USB cable and the 6270A is being seen on the computer as a RS232 port.

Note - If the CPU does not already have v1.04 firmware (or higher) on it, then updating by RS-232 will not work and the 6270A must be updated to v1.04 or higher by the USB method first.

1. Connect a null modem RS-232 serial cable to the back panel RS-232 connector on the 6270A, and to the computer.

2. In the 6270A menu path: <Setup>, <Instrument Setup>, <Remote Port>, <RS-232 Port>, ensure that the COM settings are: Data Bits 8, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control None, Parity None, Baud 9600, EOL CRLF, Remote IF Terminal.

3. Download the firmware file(s) from the following web page. Note that you must have a login to the website to download the firmware. A "Login" link is on this same web page if you need to register. 

4. Unzip the downloaded file to view the three files; Download7.exe, Download7.INI, and 6270A_v1##.img. Copy these three files to another folder on your computer (sometimes files don't transfer well from a zipped folder, from a network drive, or from an external USB drive).

They will show something like this on your computer screen

5. Open the Download7.exe software, choose the COM port on the computer in the drop-down list,  and verify the COM port settings. Leave the “Fast” checkbox checked. Then click the [OK] button in the Download7 software.

6. Select the 6270A_###.img firmware file (### is the version number). Double-click it, or select it and press the [Open] button. The update will initialize and then run to completion.

7. When complete, turn off the 6270A controller by the main power switch on the back panel. Leave it off for one minute then turn it back on.

8. Wait for the controller to completely power up to the main screen, then go to the ‹Setup›, ‹Instrument Setup›, ‹About This Instrument› screen and verify that "Revision" is correct. Press ‹Exit› to return to the main screen.

9. Check that the Control Module firmware has been updated to version 1.01 on the Setup --> Diagnostic --> Control screen also.

9. Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 to ensure that the upgrade process is complete (Turn it off then back on again.)

The 6270A Operators Manual and Programmers Manual were updated with new features and commands of the new firmware (as of May 2016). Manuals can be downloaded from this page,

Last updated 11-April-2018. See this web page for the 6270A firmware change log or to download the firmware file(s), 

Do not download the firmware from the web page if the change log on that page does not show the version numbers in the above image, Revision 1.06 (Main) and User Interface 1.06 (GUI). Contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or by calling 1-877-355-3225

End of Instructions

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