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6270A firmware update instructions, by 9-pin RS232 cable

Updating the firmware (embedded software) of a 6270A pressure controller is very easy and only requires a null modem RS-232 serial cable (pins 2 and 3 are crossed), a computer with a RS-232 serial port, and the firmware files.

Note that if you operate more than one 6270A controller in stacked mode, they must be updated independently and directly (not while in stacked mode).

If you prefer to update by USB cable (recommended) then see this article,
6270A firmware update instructions, by USB cable

Another note - This procedure also works if you have the 6270A connected to the computer by a USB cable and the 6270A is being seen on the computer as a RS232 port.

View the remaining steps and download the firmware file(s) from the following web page. Note that you must have a login to the website to download the firmware. A "Login" link is on this same web page if you need to register. 

You can also view the changes, fixes and additions for each revision on the above page.

The 6270A Operators Manual and Programmers Manual were updated with new features and commands of the new firmware (as of May 2016). Manuals can be downloaded from this page,

If you have questions, contact Fluke Calibration Pressure Technical Support at the below link or by calling 1-877-355-3225

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