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RPM4 Power Supply Replacement

Here is the part number and description for the RPM4 power supply.

Part Number: 3140537
Description:  POWER SUPPLY,25W,85-264VAC,12V@2.1A, CHASSIS MOUNT

Pricing or quotes for parts can be obtained from Fluke Calibration Orders at or by calling 877-355-3225 and asking for pressure spare parts.

The power supply is mounted inside of the electronics chassis subassembly.  The subassembly is mounted to the bottom panel of the RPM4 enclosure.  The top sheet metal enclosure needs to be removed and then the ribbon cables and wires coming from the rear panel and Q-RPT(s) need to be disconnected from the boards on the subassembly.

  1. Remove the screws from under the feet. These secure the top sheet metal enclosure to the bottom panel. 
  1. Remove the enclosure from the RPM4. Don't let the front panel fall on its face when removing the enclosure. It slides straight up and off.  It will be a tight fit.


  1. Disconnect ribbon cables and wire connections coming off from the electrical chassis subassembly to the Q-RPT(s), front and rear panels.


  1. Loosen the screws (don’t remove them) that hold the electronics chassis (power supply, driver board, micro-board and barometer) to the bottom enclosure panel. Then slide the electronics chassis out from the bottom panel.


  1. From the underside of the electronics chassis, unscrew the power supply from the standoffs. Note:  the micro board, main board, barometer assembly on the top side of the electronics chassis do not have to be removed to change out the power supply.


  1. Install the new power supply, reassemble.


  1. After the electronics chassis subassembly has been reinstalled onto the base plate and the electrical connections made to the rest of the RPM4, but before the top cover is installed, test for proper operation of the RPM4.


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