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How to Customize Barcodes and other counters in MET/TEAM

The ability to configure various MET/TEAM counters is controlled via several system default records within MET/TEAM.

Asset Barcodes

The automatic creation of Asset barcodes in MET/TEAM is governed by three system defaults.

Barcode Length sets the number of total digits in the barcode. This includes the Prefix, serialized number, and Suffix.

Barcode Prefix sets the first letters of the barcode which come before the serialized number. In both the default setting and this example, it is "PRE".

Barcode Suffix controls any additional characters added to the end of the barcode after the serialized number.  If you do not want to use any, just set the default inactive.

NOTE:  Whenever the functionality of a system default is questioned, always open the record of interest like you are going to edit it, and then read the notes to understand exactly what each record does.

The current counter for the barcode value can be changed with a SQL script:

UPDATE dbo.SystemCounters
SET cCurrentCount = '12345'

If you need help executing the above SQL script, review this article:

How to run SQL scripts for MET/TEAM, specifically a database update script

The settings above would make the next barcode generated be "PRE00012346." 


Additional configurable counters within MET/TEAM:

Work Order Number is controlled by the following three system default records:

This important comment is found in the notes for the "Work Order - Prefix" system default:

If value contains 'Annual' the prefix will be the four digit year and the count value will reset to 1 at the beginning of each year.

The following counters are also controlled in a similar way:

Invoice number

Problem Report number

Quote number

Shipping number

Tool Assignment 

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