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How to Customize Barcodes in MET/TEAM

The automatic creation of barcodes in MET/TEAM is governed by three system defaults.

Barcode Length is the number of total digits in the barcode. This includes the Prefix, serialized number, and Suffix.

Barcode Prefix is the first letters of the barcode which come before the serialized number. In both the default setting and your example, this is PRE.

Barcode Suffix is additional characters added to the end of the barcode, which it doesn't appear you are wanting to use, so just leave it inactive.

The current counter can be changed with an SQL script:

UPDATE dbo.SystemCounters
SET cCurrentCount = '12345'

This would make the next barcode generated with my settings "PRE00012346." 

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    Cheng Yang

    That answered all my questions, thank you, much appreciated...

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