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Compiling MET/CAL Procedures for Oscilloscopes Using Legacy FSCs

In MET/CAL Version 7.3 SP1, a new FSC, O_CAL, was added to allow control of all the 55xx Series Oscilloscope Calibrator options and 58xx Oscilloscope Calibrators with a single FSC.

When using the legacy 5520 or FSCs to control the scope option of a 55xx Calibrator, projects in the MET/CAL Editor need to include a config.dat file. This file defines the necessary scope option for the procedure to compile. The file name for this file can be anything, as long as it begins with "config" and ends with ".dat". For example, you can maintain a library of different config.dat files with names that describe the included item, such as config_5520_sc1100.dat which can be added directly to the procedure project.

The contents of this file are formatted in the same way as your normal config.dat file, which you can find in your Fluke ProgramData folder. By way of example, if your procedure requires a 552xA with 1.1 GHz Scope Option, add a config.dat file with the following contents:

4, @5520, @552x : Fluke 5520A (G1)

This will allow you to compile the procedure.

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