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Using Prompt Files in MET/CAL Runtime and Setting the Initial Condition in MET/TEAM

When running a MET/CAL Procedure, users can be prompted to enter information that is then passed directly to the MET/TEAM database. This is accomplished through Prompt Files. There are three Prompt Files used by MET/CAL Runtime which are defined in the MET/CAL Configuration, under Files.

The "Prompt File" appears after launching a MET/CAL Procedure, but before the actual procedure begins.

The format of this file begins with the database name in square brackets, followed by a list of parameters. The parameter lines are comprised of a MET/TEAM database field name and an accompanying variable name under which the value is also added to the variable.dat file for recall during the procedure. 

Use the variable names as you would any other named variable in MET/CAL, making sure to include the dollar sign as part of the variable name.

The "Pass Prompt" and "Fail Prompt" files appear after the procedure has completed or been terminated. If any test points in the procedure had a failed condition, the Fail Prompt is used. Otherwise, the Pass Prompt is used.

The inclusion of CallSheets.cInitialCondition in the post-test prompt files affects two parts of the Work Order. The first is the Initial Condition Field itself:

The other is on the result record in the Results tab.

When additional MET/CAL results are added through subsequent procedure runs, the Initial Condition field is updated by the most recent run. 

When the referenced MET/CAL field is a Dropdown list, the prompt in MET/CAL Runtime will include the same options as MET/TEAM.

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    Tiberiu Fulop

    Can you list all named variables in metteam? in an other post Bill Spath mention a document: prompt_files_supported_fields.pdf
    If I create an extended data field as example CallSheetEx.cField4 how can I link a variable to that field?

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