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Tool Assignment Quick Start Guide

Follow this Quick Start Guide to set up and start using the Tool Assignment functionality in MET/TEAM.

This article applies to MET/TEAM 2.1.2 and 2.2.

Tool Assignments is used to track the process of loaning Assets to Contacts and provides a complete history for both Assets and Contacts. For example, if your company uses a Tool Crib or Tool Cage and you would like to keep a record of who has borrowed what as well as issue recalls on the items, then Tool Assignment will be a big help for you.

1. Click on the Workflow tab, then choose Tool Assignments.

2. Click Add (big green plus sign) from the icons at the top of the Tool Assignment box.


3. Select an Asset. You can search for an asset that the user is borrowing through any of the ways you normally search in MET/TEAM. You can add multiple Assets on this screen if required. Double click on your select in the middle pane to drop the Asset to the lower pane. If you use a barcode reader, you can scan the Asset barcodes in as well.


4. Click OK (big green check sign).


5. A list of Assets being borrowed will show up in the top box on the Tool Assignment screen.


6. You will now need to add a Contact to the Contact field. If the Contact already exists, just start typing their name. If they do not exist yet, or they don't show up in the autocomplete suggestions while you type, click the "..." (ellipsis) icon next to the Contact box. You can either search for their Contact or click Add to create a new one.



7. If you know when the Asset should come back, add that to Expected Date field. You can add Files, create fields in Extended Data, and even include these items in you Recall.

8. Click Save. The Assets are now checked-out.


9. When a borrowed Asset comes back, open the Tool Assignment screen, search or scan for the Assets and click OK. Those Assets are now checked-in.

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