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Using the MATH RIF/WIF Functions in MET/CAL

The format for an ini files read and updated with the RIF/WIF functions is as follows:

[Section Name]

Parameter_Name = Parameter_Value
Parameter_Name2 = Parameter_Value

[Section Name 2]

Parameter_Name = Parameter_Value
Parameter_Name2 = Parameter_Value

The brackets around the section name are required.

The folder containing your ini files is defined in the MET/CAL Configuration:

To read a value from the file, use the following:

  #Define the name of the ini file to be read. Only files in the General INI Folder will be found.
1.001  MATH        @file = "file.ini"
  1.002  MATH        variable = RIF(@file, "Section Name", "Parameter_Name")

To write a new value or update an existing value, use the following:

  #Define the name of the ini file to be altered. 
1.001  MATH        @file = "file.ini"
#Define a variable with the value to be written or enter the value
#directly in the WIF function.
  1.002  MATH        value = 20
  1.003  MATH        variable = WIF(@file, "Heading Name", "Parameter_Name", value)
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