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Updating Existing PXE Procedures in MET/TEAM

  1. Build the new version of the PXE.

  2. Make a copy of the Procedure record in MET/TEAM.
  3. Use new version or revision information to differentiate the new version.
  4. Click the Data Sheet Selection button.
  5. Click Add to upload the new PXE.
  6. Select Procedure and browser for the newly built PXE. Then Save, and Close.

  7. Click the Data Sheet Selection button again and search for the new file, then select the one with the new Added date.
  8. Save the new Procedure.

  9. Uncheck the Active checkbox on the old Procedure and Save it.

  10. View the Referenced Types tab and click Modify Type.
  11. Select the old Procedure link (the new one will be at the top of the list) and select Modify Procedure Link.
  12. Uncheck the Active checkbox and click Save.
  13. Repeat steps 10-12 for any additional types.
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