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Updating Existing PXE Procedures in MET/TEAM

  1. Build the new version of the PXE or download the new version from the MET/SUPPORT Gold Procedure site.
    If you need assistance downloading Gold Procedures, this link will help:
    How to find and download Gold Procedures

  2. Locate and open the existing "Procedure" record in MET/TEAM and make a copy of it by clicking the "Copy" button show below.

  3. A new "Edit Procedure..." page will open with a gold frame indicating this is the new 'copied' procedure record.  Use new version or revision information to differentiate the new version.
  4. Add the new .pxe file to MET/TEAM by clicking the "Data Sheet" selection ellipsis button.
  5. When the "Attach Data Sheet" find page opens, click Add to upload the new PXE file to MET/TEAM.
  6. In the new "Add File" page, set the "Link To" value to "Procedure" and click the "Browse" button and select the newly built/downloaded PXE.  Click "Save"
  7. Tip: To make the next step easier, click to highlight the text for the "File Name" and copy the name.  Once the "File Name" is copied, click "Close".

  8. Back in the newly copied, gold framed, "Edit Procedure" page, click the Data Sheet selection ellipsis button again and search for the newly added file record by pasting into the "File Name" "Search Value" field (highlighted as gray in the screen shot below), then select the record with the new Added date.
  9. Save the newly copied Procedure record.

  10. This step is optional but recommended as a 'best practice' to prevent the accidental selection of old / obsolete .pxe files by marking them as in-active.   
    While still having the name of the newly added .pxe in your 'copy buffer', go to MET/TEAM's main menu and click Maintenance-->Files.  When the find page opens paste the copied text into the "File Name" "Search Value" cell and press enter.   Ideally there should only be one 'Active' file record found.  If there are more than one, open any 'Active' file records with a matching name and older "Added" dates and clear the Active box and save, which makes the record inactive. 
    Repeat this step until there is only one remaining "File" record with this name and should have the newest "Added" date.

  11. Back in the original, non gold framed "Edit Procedure..." page displaying the old Procedure,  clear the Active checkbox and Save it.

    NOTE: At this point your old procedure will no longer be active or able to be selected in a work order.  The steps below are optional and another way to ensure that the old procedure cannot be selected.  These will also clear the Active check box visible in the procedures grid on the Types page, making it more clear that the procedure is no longer valid for use. 

  12. Still in the original, non gold framed "Edit Procedure..." page displaying the old Procedure, click the "Referenced Types" tab to view any types that are related to this procedure.  Starting at the top, click on the first row and then click the "Modify Type" quick link button shown below.
  13. When the "Edit Types..." page opens displaying the selected "Type" record, select the old Procedure link (the new one will be at the top of the list) and select Modify Procedure Link.
  14. The "Edit Type Procedure Default" page will open so you can clear the Active check box checkbox and click Save.
  15. Repeat steps 12-14 for any additional types.
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