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Deadweight TEST port o-rings (current models, and comparators)

Current model deadweight testers and comparators (except P3800 very high pressure models) all have the same TEST ports, and use the same o-rings to seal against the gauge. See the manual for your model for more details, and/or search the Deadweight Testers section of our Online Knowledge Base for more information (seal kits, old manuals, handbooks, etc.)

If you have an older model deadweight tester that uses bonded seals (metal washer with rubber inside seal) instead of o-rings see this article, Deadweight TEST port seals (older models, and comparators)

This images below are from a deadweight tester manual (left) and comparator manual (right). The top of the TEST port has an inside diameter of 9.4 mm (0.37 inch). The TEST port insert and smaller o-ring are used with smaller diameter gauge threads. Older models use bonded seals (metal washer with rubber seal on the inside diameter) and have a larger inside diameter of 13.5 mm (0.53 inch).



This table shows the part numbers for the available o-rings. Viton is the default.

Item  Part Number Viton

Part Number   EP

Part Number Nitrile   Description
  1  3865163  3867888  3865142   O-ring
  2  3919892  3919892  3919892   Test Port Insert
  3  3865195  3867895  1785497   O-ring

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Current deadweight tester and comparator models are:
P3011, P3012, P3013, P3014, P3015
P3022, P3023, P3025
P3031, P3032
P3111, P3112, P3113, , P3114, P3115, P3116
P3123, P3123, P3124, P3125
P3211, P3213, P3214, P3223, P3224
P5510, P5513, P5514, P5515, P5544, P55231, P5532, P5521, P5522, P5523, P104040 TEST STATION


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