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Device Support Added by MET/CAL Versions

MET/CAL Runtime Version Support/FSC Added For Model(s)

Fluke 5320A
Fluke 8845A and 8846A
Fluke 9640A
Agilent PSA-series
Agilent N5531S
Fluke PM6690
HP 535xB

7.2 SP2

Anritsu ML2437A
Anritsu ML2438A
Fluke A40B

7.2 SP3 Clarke-Hess 5500
Anritsu ML2530A
Tektronix DMM40XX
Fluke 700P27
Fluke 700P00
7.3 SP1 Fluke 5522A
Fluke 9640A-LPNX
O_CAL FSC Support for 5080A, 5500A, 5520A, and 58xxA Oscilloscope Calibrators/Options
8.0 Update 4/2012 Fluke 52120A
Related fixes for these devices continued through 8.1.7
Fluke 5080A
Fluke 5502A
Fluke 5502E
8.2 Fluke 5730A (Supported in earlier versions with emulation modes)
O_CAL FSC Support for 5502A Oscilloscope Options
8.3 Fluke 96270A
8.3 Update 1 Fluke 96040A
10.1 Fluke 5790B
Fluke 8588A

Fluke 8558A
Fluke 5322A
Fluke 4180
Fluke 4181

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