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2271A Not retaining settings after power cycle

We have seen some instances where a 2271A pressure controller will not not retain user settings (COM ports, hold limits, units, etc.)

Loading the attached files should clear the memory and fix the problem. Loading these files is just like performing a firmware/software upgrade.

**Note - You will lose any programs that are stored in the Tasks screens.

 1. On the 2271A go to the <Setup>, <Instrument Setup>, <Remote Port>, <USB Setup> screen and verify that "Remote IF" is set to "Computer", and "RS232 Emulation" set to "OFF". This will enable you to drag and drop the firmware file(s) from your computer to the 2271A.

2. Connect the USB cable to the computer and to the back panel USB connector on the 2271A.

3. The computer should recognize the 2271A as an external drive and assign it a drive letter (just like an external USB drive or a USB flash drive).

4. Download the clearperm, script2271 and script6270 files from the links at the bottom of this page to your computer. Open that file location so you can see the files in Windows Explorer or My Computer. They will show something like this on your computer screen

5. Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the clearperm, script2271 and script6270 files from your computer to the drive letter of the 2271A. The copy will be quick so there will likely be no visible confirmation. If you are prompted that a file(s) already exists overwrite the existing file.

6. Wait at least 1 minute, then turn off the 2271A controller by the main power switch on the back panel. Leave it off for one minute then turn it back on. 

7. Wait for it to completely power up to the main screen then go to the <Setup>, <Instrument Setup>, <About This Instrument> screen and verify that "Revision" is still correct. Press <Exit> to return to the main screen. 

8. Reset any user settings, communication settings, and safety limits. They will now be retained after power cycle.

9. If you want to update the firmware, see this article for instructions and firmware version history, 2271A firmware upgrade

10. If you communicate with the controller by a USB COM port go back to the <Setup>, <Instrument Setup>, <Remote Port>, <USB Setup> screen and change the "Remote IF" back to "Terminal" and "RS232 Emulation" back to "ON". 

If you need to reset the serial number, see this article 6270A Serial Number Reset (also 2271A, 8270A/8370A)


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