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Unable to restore deleted sensors or loggers in LogWare III

Applies To:  LogWare III v3.x


Problem Description:   

A sensor or logger was deleted and now needs to be reactivated but using the Manage Assets and Locations tool in LogWare III or the instructions in KB0117 is not able to accomplish the reactivation.


Resolution/Work Around:   

Please do the following:

1) Open pgAdmin.  You may need to use the password:  FlukePGSQLDatabase9!

2) Go to the logware3 database.

3) Expand the tree until you see the asset table

4) Right click on the asset table, see the screenshot below for the tree view. 

5) Select View all Rows to open the database.

6) You can then view the specific assets and make sure they are not marked deleted = true or active = false.

7) You should be able to activate the sensor/Dewk from here.


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    Eduardo Sotomayor

    Where is the pgAdmin located?

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    Eduardo Sotomayor

    Found it, but the sensor is active or in this case TRUE

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