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PPCH pump rebuild/replacement/spare

The pump within a PPCH hydraulic pressure controller is a maintenance item and will need rebuilt or replaced after extended use. We typically see these pumps last 5-10 years but varies based on application and pump hours. It is a good idea in general to have one of our spool valve kits stocked if have the resources to do pump maintenance on your own and/or stock a spare pump to avoid downtime. Pump replacement and spool valve rebuild are discussed in detail in the PPCH Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Before concluding the pump needs to be rebuilt or replaced will want to do some basic troubleshooting at a minimum. Will first want to verify there are no leaks internal or external to the system or excessive air trapped in the lines.  Double check your drive pressure is set to 90 PSI. It is recommended this be a regulated line to help isolate the PPCH from other devices on the line. Drive pressure tubing should be standard 1/4in or larger (not small ID tubing). You might check the muffler on the exhaust port. It is normally opened up 1.5 turns of the adjustment screw and if any less can cause this problem on occasion. Best way to test if muffler is a problem is to just remove it temporarily but it will be loud. Just the spool valve might need to be rebuild if the PPCH will not generate pressure only on occasion and sometimes goes away or gets worse as this component can start to "stick" with age and use.  You might also hear it leaking drive air if it is not functioning properly. It is basically a c-clip and a bunch of o-rings to replace if considering rebuilding the spool valve yourself. If it is concluded the pump itself is leaking oil internally the pump will need to be rebuilt/replaced. 

There are few different options to have to have a PPCH pump rebuilt/replaced. We do not rebuild the pumps but can sell a replacement/spare pump. It is recommended to have a spare in general to avoid downtime. Other option is going directly through Maximator/MaxPro which will likely be able to provide quick turnaround time and fair cost. They also sell the pumps directly. We have had some customers who were able to track down a local pump shop through MaxPro and have their pump rebuilt very quickly or purchased new pump locally.

To setup an RMA to have us evaluate the PPCH contact or call 877-355-3225 and ask for Service.

To purchase a new pump from us or a spool valve kit can go through or call 877-355-3225 and ask for Orders. Our new part number for the pump is 3115755 and the spool valve kit with grease included is 3071930.

To go through MaxPro to get a pump rebuilt or replaced/spare the following info will help. The PPCH pump that we use is a MaxPro model PP189-2.

Product info:  and  .

Their contact info is:
MAXPRO Technologies, Inc.
7728 Klier Drive South
Fairview, Pennsylvania 16415 USA
Phone: 814.474.9191
Fax: 814.474.9391

The spool valve rebuild kit appears is MaxPro part 10.04.00 “Spool Kit for PP Series”. Last we checked their kit does not come with grease and should use a light o-ring grease that is not tacky.

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