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2700G gauges, customer spare parts

Here are spare parts that are available for 2700G digital gauges. If the USB cable is used to power the gauge (with the power adapter or by computer USB port) the batteries do not need to be installed. 


Fluke P/N Description Sellable To
4201079 2700G-8001 BOOT  REFERENCE PRESSURE GAUGE  GREY customer
4201101 2700G-8004 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG100K  15PSI  0.1MPA customer
4201112 2700G-8005 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG200K  30PSI  0.2MPA customer
4201120 2700G-8006 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG700K  100PSI  0.7MPA customer
4201135 2700G-8007 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG2M  300PSI  2MPA customer
4201147 2700G-8008 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG3.5M  500PSI  3.5MPA customer
4201158 2700G-8009 DECAL  MANIFOLD BG7M  1000PSI  7MPA customer
4201164 2700G-8010 DECAL  MANIFOLD G20M  3000PSI  20MPA customer
4201173 2700G-8011 DECAL  MANIFOLD G35M  5000PSI  35MPA customer
4201186 2700G-8012 DECAL  MANIFOLD G70M  10000PSI  70MPA customer
4450539 (1920041),CABLE, FLUKE 2700G COMMUNICATION customer

Note that the USB cable shown in the manual is not available (part number 4258329). The correct part number is shown in the last line of the above table, 4450539.

If the threads of a BG700K (100 psi) or higher are damaged, the entire gauge must be replaced with a new one. The threads are part of the sensor assembly (not the manifold) and are not replaceable. The manifold (hex nut) of the BG700K (100 psi) and higher ranges can be replaced.

If the threads of a BG100K (15 psi) or BG200K 30 psi) are damaged, the manifold can be replaced.

Contact an Authorized Service Center for manifold replacement.

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