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MFC connection to molbox1, molbox1+ or MFC-CB

If the molbox1+ is equipped with the MFC control option, a cable and connection kit are supplied with the molbox1+ accessories. Configure the cable correctly using the pin-out information provided in Section 7.3 of the molbox1+ manual and information from the MFC manufacturer.

This chart is in the molbox1+ manual. See the attached documents also for wire colors, etc.

Contact Flow Technical Support if you have questions on making a cable for a particular flow meter or MFC. We have a number of examples available for popular meters.

There is a cable kit available that includes a cable with the 25-pin connector (to molbox) permanently attached, a chart of wire colors to pins, and various connectors for the other end (DB9
Part Number: 3069675
The part number for the cable in this kit is PN 3136897 but it it not available for individual sale.
This cable has the 25 pin connector to the molbox on one end and a card edge connector on the other end.
Part Number: 3068736
This kit includes the MFC Cable with connector kit PN 3069675 and the calibration cable PN 3069720 that is used to connect the MFC connector on the molbox1 to a reference DMM to calibrate the MFC option on the molbox1.
Part Number: 3114778
Description: 401620,KIT, MFC OPT CABLES
The MFC feature on the MFC-CB has the same pin-out as that on the molbox1 and molbox1+. The above cables work with all of these products.
See this article for information on the connector labeled DMM on the back panel of a molbox1 or molbox1+,
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