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What Callendar-Van Dusen Equation Parameters are used by the 8846A RTD Function?

The Fluke 8846A gives users the ability to measure temperature with an RTD, according to the Callendar-Van Dusen equation, automatically calculating the corresponding temperature for the resistance value measured by the meter.

The Callendar-Van Dusen equation is a complicated mathematical model used to correlate the resistance-to-temperature relationship of RTD devices. It relies on three coefficients: α, ß, and δ.

When using industrial grade PRTs, ß and δ are defined by EN 60751:1995, leaving α as the only coefficient that is entered by the user in measurement devices. 

The Fluke 8846A assumes the use of industrial grade PRTs, and thus only the α coefficient can be changed.

ß is fixed at 0.1086 and δ is fixed at 1.500 °C.

For more information about the Callendar-Van Dusen equation and industrial grade PRT coefficients, visit the following link:

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