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E-DWT Test Port Adapter - DH500 to P3000 quick connect (no tape, hand tight)

An optional test port adapter kit is available for E-DWT to make connecting NPT test gauges and others much easier. This adapter kit is limited to 20k PSI max. It adapts the E-DWT's standard high pressure DH500 fitting to a reverse thread mounting post in which NPT, BSP, or Metric sets of adapters can be connected in various common sizes. This is the same type of post and adapters we also use with our P3000 series of deadweight (DWT) testers and similar comparison test pumps. It is a hand tight fitting that also does not require using tape on NPT gauges, so much less time consuming to connect these gauges. Will also allow the front of the test gauge (DUT) to be oriented facing the operator with some practice using the reverse thread design. 

Two part numbers (4185780 and 4294865) are typically ordered to get started with this adapter set and contain common NPT, BSP, and Metric adapters. If needing only NPT adapters can substitute part 3875943 instead of the 4185780.  Or, could substitute for only BSP (3875937) or only Metric (3875928) adapters instead, but this is much less common.

Below shows the adapter set and replacement parts. You might consider ordering additional o-rings as these are wear items and further discussed below.


Spare parts can be ordered using the above for reference and the following part numbers:

3919892 (P104042), INSERT FOR TEST STATION TO 1/8 FITTINGS (Aluminum insert when using small o-ring)
3865195 (54-703-10), O-RING VITON 1/4 X 1/16 X SEC (larger o-ring)
3865163 (54-703-008), O-RING, BLACK, VITON 3/16 X 1/16 (small o-ring)

If you only need the o-ring that goes directly on top of the flat TEST port then the "larger o-ring" above is needed. If using the aluminum adapter for 1/8in adapters on top of this o-ring and need the o-ring that goes on top of that order the "small o-ring". 








ATCL Mount

Test station


P3000 reverse


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