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Macros: 2456-LEM - Log to a file with COMPASS for Pressure, and read from the file

Use the attached Test Macro named "LogAmbToFile" (document name "LEM-2456 - Log to file, COMPASS for Pressure Test macro kyle 20160622.docx") to log ambient conditions from a LEM monitor running in a COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow)test. This would be useful to allow you save the ambient conditions from a single LEM monitor to a log file, then read the values from that log file to other computers.

Use the attached Interface Macro named "ReadLEMlogFile" (document name "LEM-2456 - Read from file, COMPASS for Pressure Interface macro kyle 20160630.docx") to read ambient conditions from the above log file. This would be useful to allow you to use the ambient conditions log at multiple computers running COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow) software, and you would not need a LEM at each station.

See this article to read values from a LEMcal log file into COMPASS for Pressure, Macros: 2456-LEM - Read ambients from a LEMcal log file

See this article for a similar method for a Fluke Calibration DewK ambient temperature and relative humidity monitor, 1620A DewK - Read RH & Temperature from LogWare file to COMPASS

See this article for troubleshooting a LEM monitor, 2456-LEM, Laboratory Environmental Monitor, LEMcal software troubleshooting

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