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Where does my MET/TRACK data go in MET/TEAM?

The first place to go is Met/Team help.  Type in "MET/TRACK" for your search criteria and it will bring up a good field map in pdf format. 

Here is a snippet from that document:



Lets look at I4225, which in MET/TRACK was used as a "Status" field.  The new name, according to the pdf document is Assets.cDisposition.  

Let's go look at the asset screen in MET/TEAM, any asset that comes up in the search will do.

There is a field on the Asset screen that is titled, "Disposition".  To determine exactly what the database field name is of the asset titled "Disposition" simple right-click the field title

and then click "edit label".  The database field name will show up in the top left of the screen:


So now we know for certain that this is the field that corresponds with field I4225 in MET/TRACK.

Another way to figure out where your data went and what fields are available is through a SQL query.  This will require at least read permissions to the MET/TEAM database and possible remote access to the server. 

Click your "start" icon and type SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) into the "search" box or if you are in Windows 10, just click start and type SSMS. SQL Server Management Studio will open a login screen for connection.  How you connect depends on how your permission was set up.  We will not go into that here.  Contact your Database Administrator (DBA) for additional information.  From SSMS , select "new query" and make certain you are running your query against METTEAM and not MASTER.

This is what a basic select query will look like.  In this example I am looking at the assets table.  "Select * from dbo.Assets is my query, this will select everything in the table:


And the results are shown here: 

The result window gives you your field titles and the data in the fields.  You can look at the data and probably reason fairly accurately what corresponding MET/TRACK field the data belonged to.  
You can also expand the "columns" under the table name which gives you a laundry list of the fields and their corresponding data type and size.  Then you can query a single field.  The names of both the tables and the fields are quite intuitive in the MET/TEAM database.

To get to the table columns expand databases>metteam>tables.  (My database is metteam2, and yours may have a different name as well - just expand the appropriate one.)


Another way to determine what data is in certain fields is through Crystal Reports.  If you have access to full Crystal reports (which also requires read access to the database)​ you can open a table from the Field Explorer and right-click a field to "Browse data".  This is especially useful if you are trying to recreate reports that were formerly written to work with MET/TRACK. 


There are additional MET/TEAM help file resources and articles pertaining to Data Migration that you may find useful.  Contact for more information.

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