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molbox RFM - <Leak check>, <molbox> instructions

The instructions in the molbox RFM manual are not clear on how to do a leak check of the molbox. Here are some shorter, revised instructions.


1. Press [TARE] and select <3leak check>, <1molbox>

2. If the molbox RFM has a microrange option, microrange RPT <1active> or 2bypassed> must be selected to proceed

3. Apply the maximum differential pressure across the molbloc (maximum flow) at your typical absolute working pressure. Use the <DP> indication on the molbox RFM display to set the absolute and differential pressures

4. Once the pressure setting is correct, press [ENTER]. The display is:
​Vent molbloc ports

5. Press [ENTER] for the molbox RFM to actuate its internal valves to isolate itself from the molbloc and trap the upstream and downstream pressures on its RPTs (see Figure 8)

6. Quickly vent the molbox RFM rear panel pressure connections while the leak test is proceeding for 60 seconds

7. When complete, the leak test status will be shown

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