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Common Causes of Error 500 in MET/TEAM

Error 500 in MET/TEAM is a generic error message for a variety of connection and configuration issues. More specific error messages can be obtained to ascertain the cause, but first try these top causes of the error. If none of these settings resolve your error, contact Fluke Technical Support.

  1. NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Account does not have sysadmin rights in SQL Server

    This is the single most common cause of Error 500 when launching MET/TEAM.

    Open SQL Server Management Studio to verify this setting:

  2. SQL Server service not running after server reboot

    This is especially common when your network has strict IT requirements that cause slow computer bootup times.

    Ensure that your SQL Server service shows "Running" in the Status Column. Click "Start" on the left hand side to start it if needed.

  3. Application Pool for MET/TEAM in IIS not started

  4. Reports not updated after moving to MET/TEAM version 2.2

    If you experience the error when running a report after upgrading to MET/TEAM version 2.2, ensure that you ran the Report Update Tool, located on the MET/TEAM server desktop.

  5. Application Pool Advanced Settings show "Enable 32-Bit Application" set to True when using MET/TEAM version 2.2

    MET/TEAM Version 2.2 is limited to the 64-bit version of Crystal Reports, so this must be set to False.

  6. Identity of Application Pool in IIS is not LocalSystem

    Check this setting. If it is not LocalSystem, contact Fluke Technical Support.

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