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Using a Command Line Script to Diagnose Database Service Problems

Use this information to get a better error message.

Get to the Met/Base service properties: 

Viewing the Service Properties of the MET/BASE Database Engine

Open notepad.  Copy the file name line to notepad.   Add an opening " and a closing ".  Here is mine for example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METBASE\SQL Anywhere 11\BIN32\dbsrv11.exe"

Then add a space and copy and paste the parameters line onto the same notepad doc.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METBASE\SQL Anywhere 11\BIN32\dbsrv11.exe" C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\metbase.db -n metbase_krista1 -gl dba -ti 0 -tl 14400 -x tcpip

Then quote the beginning of the parameters line and close the quote after the metbase.db and before the -n so:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METBASE\SQL Anywhere 11\BIN32\dbsrv11.exe" "C:\ProgramData\Fluke\METBASE\metbase.db" -n metbase_krista1 -gl dba -ti 0 -tl 14400 -x tcpip

Copy the entire line.

open a command line (start>cmd)

right click the icon:

Choose "edit>paste"
You should see something like this:

​ and then <enter> to run.  

You should get the iSybase window and possibly an error message (my database was already running so I got the error below):

The error messages you see will be more specific to the problem.  You may be able to diagnose the problem with the message.  If not, screenshot all error messages and send them to




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