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Temperature Calibrations using COMPASS for Pressure

COMPASS for Pressure can be used to automated temperature calibrations.  The key to making this work is to create a custom unit of measure which indicates a temperature label and correlate it to a pressure unit.  In this tutorial the unit of "Degrees F" is used to help make the output be clearly understood that it is a value for a temperature measurement.  As part of the device definitions, careful consideration is applied to using output labels to further make it easy to understand the data being presented on the COMPASS run time windows.


The tutorial uses COMPASS to set the temperature on a 7320 Bath, read the reference temperature from a 1504 thermometer readout, and the DUT probes are connected to Heise HQS modules and read through a PTE-1.


The end result will be a fully automated process of stepping through temperatures, using the COMPASS Ready Criteria to determine when the temperature was at the requested target, and then properly reading the outputs from the reference probe and the multiple DUTs.


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