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    Ron Triplett

    Request 19893 is still open please provide status.

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    Chad D.

    Hi Ron, I see that your ticket was solved earlier this morning. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

    You can view the status of your tickets at any time by signing into this Help Center and clicking the link to My Activities at the top of the page. From there, you can view status and also respond to open tickets.

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    Ken Molock

    Order # 31040294 has been at your lab for over a month and now I’m just finding out (Because I called to get a status update) that it needs repair…no one call or email me a status update. This put’s me behind the curve in so many ways. Help! Where is the quote?

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    Ken Molock

    I'm still waiting on a revised quote for my 7252i (S/N 60995)

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    Cain, Edward D CIV USARMY USAMC (US)

    I am requesting the status of the following item shipped to you for repair back in July 2016.
    Model Serial # Service Description Service Price
    5720A 5460004 REPAIR AND Z540 WITH DATA $4,465.00
    RMA # 31074005

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    Linda Patalano

    Need status of request #35016

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    Joyce Chen

    Need status of RMA # 31144153.

    Thank you.

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    Chad D.

    For everyone requesting status by adding a comment to this knowledge base article: please know that our support and service teams do not monitor these comments, and the agent you are working with on a request is not likely to see your comment.

    Please view this KB article for instructions on how to use this same site to monitor your ticket status and history of support requests, as well as submit updates to your ticket so the agents will see them:

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    Jacob Elias Bonilla Ortiz

    I have problem when try to take a new RMA

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    shahbaz alam

    Dear Sir,

    We have Fluke 5730A Multifunction Calibrator and we are facing some kind of Error that it’s not working.

    Multifunction Calibrator Display Error are given below:
    Error 2004: Fata fault, Output Tripped
    Error 4008: Inguard CPU A/D Timeout

    Kindly let us know if there is any solutions for it.

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