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How to create a PKM file in Version 8 of MET/CAL Editor


1)      Select “New” and then “Project from Existing Procedure” Select the procedure you want to package (the main procedure) from the “find” and “select” buttons in the procedure search window (shown below): 


2)      Give the project a name and a file location and click “ok”.

When you get this window  you can just click “no”.

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3)      Make sure that your Solution Explorer is open.  If not, click “view” and “Solution Explorer”

4)      Right-click your project name in the “Solution Explorer” (shown as “My Project name” below)

5)      Select “properties”.

6)      Change the “publish file type” to “PKM” by selecting it from the drop down as shown then select “Apply” and “OK”..



7)      Select the “Build” menu and then “Publish Package”. 


Your PKM file will be located where you saved it to in step 1.




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