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PG7000 Embedded software (firmware)

There are several variants of PG7000 firmware, the variant depends on a combination of PG7000 hardware and existing firmware.   For example, firmware version 3.1.3 should be used for all PG7000 platforms with serial number 773 and higher.  This is because new electronics were introduced which are not compatible with the old firmware (v2.07h and earlier) architecture.  The opposite is true for older PG7000 platforms where the new style firmware is not backwards compatible with the older electronics.  The two most common variants are provided below.


If there is doubt to the version of firmware compatible with your PG7000, please contact pressure support team at Fluke Calibration: +1.877.355.3225


The firmware is loaded into the PG7000 via the WinFlash.exe utility over a serial connection.  Winflash.exe can be downloaded from the same page as the firware.


This variant is specific to the PG7601 systems used in the US Air Force PMEL system:

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