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What type of thermistors can be used with the 2100-T?

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Title:  What type of thermistors can be used with the 2100-T?

Created:  12-Jun-14

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Applies To:  2100-T


Problem Description:  Can any thermistor be used with the 2100-T?


Resolution/Work Around:  The 2100-T was designed to only use certain thermistors, with the 10K ohm range. The 2611 thermistor probe (2811545) is recommended for the 2100-T controller. The 2611 probe is a 10K linearized thermistor probe. We use this probe in several baths. The controller operating temperature range with thermistor probes are –10°C to 110°C. The 2100-T does come with a connector and can be connected to a 10K thermistor, but the thermistor will need to be adjusted using the equations in the manual.







Other Information:


The dimensions of the 2611 Thermistor is, 229 x 5.5 mm (9 x 0.218 in).


D0           This parameter refers to the temperature at which the control probe output

would be 0. Normally this is set for –25.229.


DG          This probe parameter refers to the temperature span of the probe between 0 and

100% output. Normally this is set for 186.794.


Computing DO and DG

Before computing the new values for DO and DG the current values must beknown. The valuesmay be found by either accessing the probe calibrationmenu from the controller panel or by inquiring through the digital interface.The user should keep a record of these values in case they may need to be restoredin the future. The new values DO′ and DG′ are computed by entering theold values for DO and DG, the calibration temperature set-points tL and tH, andthe temperature errors errL and errH into the following equations,


DO’ = ((errH(tL-DO)- errL(tH-DO)) / (tL-tH)) + DO


DG’ = (((errL-errH) / (tL-tH)) + 1) * DG

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