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1620 webpage is not displaying data or information

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Title: 1620 webpage is not displaying data or information

Created:  24-6-14

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Applies To:  1620


Problem Description:  The 1620 webpage comes up, but there is no data on the right side.


Resolution/Work Around:  The Java security level is set too high. The webpage is Java based so if the security level is high, then no data is allowed to be displayed. Set the security level to low. Once the security level is set to low, refresh the webpage.





























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    Scott Prieskop

    As of Java 8, the "medium" security setting was removed, so this fix will no longer work. Enabling the temperature/RH readings in Java 8 is now a two step process: First, add the link to the exception list, following the instructions at (For example, if your DewK is set with a static IP address of, you would add to the list.) Then, using Windows File Explorer, locate the file java.policy in the directory C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_45\lib\security, and open it in a text editor. Next, add the following line to the grant { block:

        permission "", "connect,resolve";

    where the IP address is the same as what's in the exception list. (Add additional lines as necessary, for each IP address in the exception list.) Save the file, then restart the browser. When you re-visit the logger's IP address, the Java security manager will ask to allow the program to run, click Run and it should come up.

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