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Commands to set the setpoints for the Ramp/Soak for the 914X

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Title:  Command to set the setpoints for the Ramp/Soak for the 914X                              

Created:  20 Jun 2012

Last Revised:  20 Jun 2012




Applies To:  9142, 9143, and 9144 Field Metrology Drywells


Problem Description:  Manual does not state the correct command for setting the Program Menu, Ramp/Soak, setpoints.


Resolution/Work Around:   The command listed SOUR:LIST:SPO(i)(?) (n) is not the correct commands for the Ramp/Soak setpoints.  This command is for the Preset Setpoints under the Set Temperature Setpoint menu.


The correct command is PROG:SEQ:PAR SPO(n),(value).   Where the (n) is the setpoint number and the (value) is the temperature you wish to set the setpoint to.


Before you can send the command, the password will need to be disabled.  The command SYST:PASS:CEN 1234 will disable the password.




SYST:PASS:CEN 1234               (disables the password)

PROG:SEQ:PAR SPO1,100         (sets the ramp/soak setpoint number 1 to 100.00⁰C)

PROG:SEQ:PAR? SPO1              (reads back the setpoint)

100                                         (units response)

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