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1523 / 1524 - Programming the LEMO connector

Tech Notes



Title:   Programming the LEMO connector for the 1523 or 1524                   

Created:  7 Dec 2012

Last Revised:  7 Dec 2012




Applies To:  All 1523 and 1524 meters


 Problem Description:  The probe is not programmed correctly


 Resolution/Work Around:   The LEMO or probe connector for the 1523/24 must be programmed via RS-232 from a computer using the 9940 IO Toolkit software.


  • Connect the RS-232 cable that came with the 1523/24 (DB9 to 3.5mm mini-stereo jack) to the computer and then to the 1523/24.
  • Plug in 12V DC adapter to an electrical outlet and then into the 1523/24.
  • Install the 9940 IO Toolkit software from the CD provided or download from:
  • Run the 9940 software
  • Select the middle icon (probe)
  • Select the channel of the probe you wish to program. Then fill out the missing or incorrect information.
  • After you are done, select the Upload button.
  • Enter the default password 1234 or the password you have chosen and click OK.
  • The software will upload the information to the LEMO connector.
  • Probe is now programmed and can be used.
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