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Performing a master reset on a Fluke drywell calibrator

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Title: Performing a master reset on a Fluke drywell calibrator

Created: 3 Apr 2012

Last Revised: 3 Apr 2012




Applies To: All TCAL Drywells


Problem Description: The drywell is not responding or the drywell is functioning erratic or abnormal.


Resolution/Work Around:  Before beginning, make sure you have your last calibration certificate for the instrument.  If the calibration certificate cannot be located, you must go into the menus of the controller and write down all the calibration parameters prior to resetting the instrument.


Refer to the user’s guide for your particular instrument to locate these parameters. Generally, these values can be found in the “Cal” and “Probe” menus. The instrument calibration parameters, cutout temperature, and proportional band settings are the most important values to record.


These parameters may include:


Display Symbol

Unit Parameter


Display Symbol

Unit Parameter

Proportional Band

ProP or Pr


Cut Out

CtOut or Ct


High Limit

H or HL


Low Limit

L or LL


Resistance Zero







dELtA or dE






When the instrument is reset all the parameters will be changed to default values.


Once you have obtained all of the necessary parameters, continue the reset procedures as

outlined below.


1. Turn off the power to the instrument.

2. Push and hold the “Set” and “Exit” button simultaneously, while turning ON the power switch.

Continue to hold the “Set” and “Exit” buttons until you see: “InIT” on the display, then release

the buttons.

3. Now reprogram all the parameters into the instrument.

4. After reprogramming, make sure the instrument functions normally.

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