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917X buttons do not work

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Title: 917X buttons do not work

Created: 16 Apr 2012

Last Revised: 16 Apr 2012




Applies To: All 9170, 9171, 9172, and 9173 Metrology Well Calibrators


Problem Description: All or some of the buttons do not work on the front panel.


Resolution/Work Around:  Disconnect the power cord.  Lay the 917X on the right side (looking from the front) and open the left side.  There are two visible boards behind the front panel window.  Remove the metal retaining bracket.  The board closest to the window and the one that has the display attached to it, there is a small black connector connecting the display board to the keypad board.   Gently pull away the display board from the front panel until the two boards separate.  The connector might have pulled off of the display board.  If not, pull the display board straight up and then check the solder joints. 


Either way the display (digital) board will need replaced.  

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