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9150 displays Error 7

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Title: 9150 displays Error 7

Created: 6 Apr 2012

Last Revised: 6 Apr 2012




Applies To: 9150 Furnaces


Problem Description: Error 7 is displayed on the 9150.


Resolution/Work Around:  Error 7 is displayed when the 9150 goes into a hard Cut-Out. 


Follow these steps to make sure the cutout is set properly:


  1. In the secondary functions, under Configuration menu, Operating Parameters menu, make sure the soft cutout, SCO, is set to 1225⁰C.
  2. If it is not, set the SCO to 1225.
  3. If it is, then check the hard cutout.
  4. In the secondary functions, under Configuration menu, under Calibration menu, CAL, the hard cutout is displayed and should be between 1260⁰C to 1280⁰C.
  5. If it is not, you can adjust the VR1 on the analog board to 1280⁰C.
    1. Turn off the power and lay the 9150 on the right side (looking from the front).
    2. Remove the left side panel. 2 screws on the front, 2 on the back, and 1 on the handle rod.
    3. Turn on the power and get back to the CAL menu with hard cutout.
    4. Now, adjust VR1 to 1280⁰C. Then, put the unit back together.
  6. After adjusting, cycle the power, the unit should no longer display Error 7.If the use continues to display Error 7, the cutout thermocouple or the analog board will need replaced.
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