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How to request and apply License(s) for MET/TEAM

The instructions below are used to register MET/TEAM.  Before this process can be accomplished you will need your Product Code(s) for MET/TEAM.  UPDATE: As of the release of MET/TEAM version 2.1, we now support the re-registration process based on your Gold Number as well.

The MET/TEAM product codes are part of the contents that you received in the MET/TEAM box.  

Gold support members that are transferring licenses from MET/TRACK to MET/TEAM, or upgrading to MET/TEAM Express please follow the "Optional instructions for Gold Members" at the bottom of this article.  

Registering MET/TEAM, will require your Product Code(s), please make sure you have them before continuing.  

Here are the steps to register your MET/TEAM.

1.) Launch MET/TEAM and if prompted as shown below, click the “Register” button.


Or you may see this prompt instead:

If neither or those messages pop up, log into MET/TEAM and click Help--About


2.) When the “About MET/TEAM” page opens, click the register button.


3.) In the new registration page, enter your ‘real’ info.  (as opposed to my silly information)



4.) Once the info to the left is entered, click the “Add” button under the “Product Codes” grid and enter the product code(s) you received from Fluke then click “OK”.

    • If you received a “master” product code and want to apply all to one MET/TEAM installation, you can send just the master code.
    • If you received more than one product code, repeat step four as many times as needed to enter all your product codes including your optional "MET/SUPPORT Gold Product Code".
    • If you are re-registering MET/TEAM for any reason, you can enter any one of your previously used Product Codes, or your Gold Number and all of your previously registered licenses will be included in your new response.







5.) When all is good, click the “Generate Request” button.



6.) Click in the large license request text box and everything will highlight, right click on the highlighted text and select “Copy”.

7.) Open a new email and ‘paste’ the entire “License Request” into the body of it (Include the ‘Begin…’ and ‘End..’ lines).  NOTE:  Delete any additional items from the body of the email, leaving only the text copied in step 6.

Delete any additional items from the body of the email, leaving only the text copied in step 6.  Any additional text (including auto inserted signatures) will prevent the email from auto-processing, delaying your response. 

8.) Enter “(Your Company Name - MET/TEAM license request” in the subject line.

9.) Send the e-mail to “” 

10.) Within 15 minutes or less, you will receive back an email with instructions on how to enter the registration codes into MET/TEAM.  If you don't receive a response within 1 hour, contact

11.) Go back to the “About MET/TEAM page and will click the “Enter Registration Code” button.



12.) Remember to paste all the registration code info into the “Enter Registration Code” window.  Include all the ‘Begin..’ and ‘End…’ lines.  

13) Click the "Save" button and the “Enter Registration Code” page will close, your session will be terminated and when you log back in, your registration data will have been updated.

All registration codes must be processed at the same time.

Do not attempt to process them individually, it will not work.


Optional instructions for Gold members

Follow the steps below to obtain MET/TEAM Express Licenses or to transfer MET/CAL licenses for use with MET/TEAM:

Email the following information to “

The 'Subject' of the email must be "Gold Request".

1.) Your MET/SUPPORT Gold number

2.) First and Last name

3.) Company name, state/province, and country

4.) Email address to receive product key code

5.) Attach most recent MET/TRACK license report in .pdf format
If needed, this article will help: How to run a License Report from MET/TRACK



We will process your requests as soon as possible, but please allow a few days because each request will be processed manually to make sure we provide you with the correct configuration based on your current set-up. We appreciate your patience.

Once your request is processed, expect an email from “” titled "MET/SUPPORT Gold Product Code" with your product activation code and instructions.

These steps to transfer MET/TRACK based licenses to MET/TEAM based licenses only need to be accomplished once.

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