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Move COMPASS for Pressure to a new computer, or backup files

See attached file for detailed information to:

1. Move COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow) to another computer

     A. If your original installation cd is version 3 or lower contact Technical Support to get you a new cd.

     B. If you have the original installation cd and it is version 4 or higher, then use that to install COMPASS for Pressure (or COMPASS for Flow) on the new computer.

          i. Update the software with the appropriate upgrade file from our website,

          ii. Go to the COMPASS for Pressure (or COMPASS for Flow) page, then to the “Knowledge and Information” tab, then to the "COMPASS for Pressure Calibration Software Download/Upgrade” link, and download the upgrade file for your version of COMPASS.

          iii. If you want to move or restore files, then view the details in the below attached document.

2. Use COMPASS for Pressure (or Flow) with data and setup files on a network drive

3.  Backup data and setup files

Note that this information does not apply to COMPASS for molbox

COMPASS for Pressure versions 4 and 5 are Windows 10 compatible, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

See this article for information on how to check if any files are too large and possibly slowing down operations, File Maintenance - Speed up COMPASS

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