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1529 error message "memory: questionable"

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Title: 1529 error message “memory: questionable”                                       

Created:  17 Sep 2012

Last Revised:




Applies To:  All 1529’s


Problem Description:  During the self-test on a 1529, the message “memory: questionable” appears.  


Resolution/Work Around:   This error message appears when one or more of the settings are found to be out-of-range during the boot-up memory check.


To help determine which setting is causing this error, you can do the following:


  1. Next time the Memory Data Error appears at boot-up, press Exit to continue. 
  2. After boot-up is completed, press the Enter/Menu button to open the menu system.
  3. Press the right arrow button four times to move the highlight to 'SYSTEM'.
  4. On SYSTEM, press and hold the Enter button for about two seconds, until the Operating Ram data screen appears. This and the following screens reports details about the start-up self-test.
  5. Press the right arrow button to access the Non-Volatile Ram data screen.
  6. In the Non-volatile Ram data screen, note the reported values and report them back to Technical Support. This information should help engineering determine which memory data is causing the error. Please, also report the firmware version numbers shown in the SYSTEM menu screen.
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