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The C0 and CG are now B0 and BG on my bath

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Title:     The C0 and CG are now B0 and BG on my bath.                 

Created:  15 Jan 2013

Last Revised:




Applies To:  All baths


Problem Description:  I have reset my bath and now B0 and BG are in the bath controller instead of C0 and CG or vice versa.


Resolution/Work Around:   When the bath is reset, sometimes the High Limit or HL will be set to a number that is not the actual High Limit of the bath.  This will cause the B0 and BG or C0 and CG to be displayed incorrectly.  To correct this, the bath High Limit will need to be set to the published specification of your bath.   This will change the B0 and BG or C0 and CG back to the correct parameters.


The B0 and BG are for baths that do not exceed 110C.


The C0 and CG are for baths that exceed 110C.


If you are not sure if your written values are B0 and BG or C0 and CG,  then look at your values.   Values around 156.000 are BG numbers and values around 406.000 are CG numbers.


Here are some examples:


B0 = 0.0240

BG = 156.4510


C0 = -0.1574

CG = 406.0290

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