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1504 used with a 100 ohm PRT

Title:  Would a 1504 work with a 100 ohm RTD?

Applies To: 1504

Problem Description:  I already have the 1504 and I want to use it with a 100 ohm PRT. The manual states that it can be used for RTD’s with a nominal resistance value of 1,000 ohms. What type of accuracy and performance could I expect from using a 1504 and a 100 ohm PRT?

Resolution/Work Around:

Yes, the 1504 can be used with a 100 ohm RTD/PRT, but the accuracy is not very good.

The resistance accuracy is 0.5 Ω, and a 100 Ω PRT has a sensitivity of 0.4 Ω/°C, so the temperature accuracy is (0.5 Ω) / (0.4 Ω/°C) = 1.25 °C.


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