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Calculating Resistance or Temperature from ITS-90 coefficients

<click on the Excel document below>

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    Nguyễn Việt Phương

    Temperature range from 660.323 to 961.78 need d coefficient but I didn't see it in your excel file?

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    Elmar Baumhögger

    Thank you very much for the Excel document! It helped me a lot.
    But I found an error:
    Constant aa5 value -0.61893395 (H30) is wrong. It must be -0.61899395.

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    Shane Alldredge

    Thanks Elmar. Correction made.

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    Tom Hugana

    Hi Shane,
    could you please add a comment to the R=>T conversion including cell B22. Is there any reference to this?

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    Alex Arellano

    Hi Shane,
    is there a formula could i used to compute ( a4 b4 a7 b7 c7 results of Nominal current Calibration ) I cant find any formula for this equation . i find it in may sensor calibration certificate. hope you can give me idea how can i compute.


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