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418X Aperature Use

Title:  When is it a good practice to use the aperture for the 418X?

Applies To:  4180 and 4181

Problem Description:  How and when is the aperture used?

Resolution/Work Around:  

The aperture is designed specifically for use with the Fluke 572, 574, and 576 infrared thermometers (the old Raytek models MX2, MX4, and MX6).  It is not meant for use with any other infrared thermometers.

There are no special conditions that determine the use of an aperture. The only exception would be if a customer requires the use of an aperture.

The IR thermometer manufacturer needs to specify whether or not the aperture has to be used. Fluke recommends the aperture’s use for the models listed above.

The aperture is not meant to control the amount of radiation emitted or reflected by the operator or objects near or surrounding the 418X.  The aperture is meant to control scatter for the specific IR models listed above.  It is a size-of-source effect issue.


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